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Merging the Academic and the Practical
Globe & Mail - Aug. 25, 2008 by Gordon Pitts

He's a poet, philosopher, and management guru, but, most of all, Mihnea Moldoveanu is an entrepreneur of ideas. This engineer/scholar juggles his roles as chief technology officer of Redline Communications Inc., a WiMax wireless equipment manufacturer he founded, and professor at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. When he isn't dreaming up new technology, the 40-year-old is a prime influence in the Rotman School's move toward integrative management thinking...

Entrepreneur carves niches in two worlds
Globe & Mail - May 5, 2008 by Allison Dunfield - Report on Business

Since he was a child, Romanian-born professor Mihnea Moldoveanu has sought to examine the world and its great thinkers. But success came to him as the founder of technology company, Redline Communications, and the director of the Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking, because he isn't content to simply think and examine - action must follow...

The Thinker
Canadian Business Magazine - Mar. 31, 2008

Some call him an enigma, others refer to him affectionately as 'crazy Mihnea,' (pronounced Mi-KH-naea), but [Rotman Dean Roger] Martin calls the 39-year-old his most important thinking partner. "Academia is all about standing on the shoulders of Giants," says Martin. "He points to the giants' shoulders and says, 'if you stand here, and take these things that they've thought about, you can probably see further.' He helps enormously ground what I'm thinking about in the academic traditions...



Current Roles:

Associate Dean, Full Time MBA Program, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Director, Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking, Rotman School of Management

Desautels Professor of Integrative Thinking, Rotman School of Management

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Redline Communications Group, Inc.


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