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"What the Rotman School is doing may be the most important thing happening in management education today.”
- Dr. Peter F. Drucker, speaking at Rotman, June 12, 2002

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There are many ways to solve a problem. In an increasingly complex world, the chance of achieving complete or effective business solutions using 'tried and true' methods is rapidly declining. Solving wicked problems requires managers who are able to synthesize and engage different perspectives, stepping outside of their particular viewpoint in order to achieve superior outcomes. Integrative Thinking™ takes people out of their disciplinary silos and assists them to craft their thinking to reach revolutionary new ideas. Business managers can and must delve more deeply into the realms of broader knowledge and experience.

Integrative Thinking is an open-source method of thinking about problems. It provides the core building blocks to arrive at systems solutions. By learning to think in the abstract—purviewing the scope while taking in every detail—one breaks through traditional models of thinking to achieve extraordinary outcomes. In this way, there is a transfer of expertise from the more skilled to the less skilled.

Developed jointly with Roger Martin (, Integrative Thinking™ is the new pedagogy embraced at the Rotman School of Management. It's a place where exceptional applicants come to receive unique and valuable tools that cut across traditional business disciplines—Accounting, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Strategy and Human Resources Management—to help them thrive in a multi-faceted world.

Articles on Integrative Thinking

"Integration(s): The Value of Managerial Thinking in an Age of Technical Reason" by Mihnea Moldoveanu, Rotman Magazine, Winter 2008

"Integrative Thinking: A Model Takes Shape" by Roger Martin, Rotman Magazine, Fall 2002

"Designing the Thinker of the Future: An Educational Opportunity in Post-Modern High Capitalism" by Mihnea Moldoveanu, Rotman Magazine, 2007

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